Dance Calendar

Helping those who love to dance do more of it.
If you are a social dancer and want to find out where to go dancing in the San Franciso Bay Area it is not easy. If you are a dance instructor or event planner, there is a lot of logistic and communication tedium that some help with would allow you to do more of what you are good at and earn your living doing. The plan for this website has two phases.
  1. Have a dance community supported (intelligent and database driven) calendar function where it is easy to find good places to dance.
  2. Provide a event management calendar that dance event and lesson providers can use to manage scheduling, marketing, and supporting dance lessons and classes.

Phase 1: Public Dance Calendar

  • Ability to query by type of music, type of venue, location (including "proximity to me" based on my zip code) a list of dance events, classes and offerings.
  • Ability of anyone who has demonstrated non-evil intent to update the calendar with their faviorite dance places and events.
  • Everyone has a login account where you can store your favorite types of music and venues so you just need to login and the default list of what is happening that you might be interested in (and willing to drive to) is your default home page.
  • Any user (with an account, needed to manage evil bots) can rate and give feedback and comments to every thing (bands, venues, etc) of interest.
Initial rollout will be August 2019. Stay Tuned. If you would like to offer constructive feedback on features you would like, fill out the feedback form. (If you want to rant or complain, please go to Facebook).

Phase 2: Dance Business Management

My experience as a dance student is that scheduling students and the rescheduling communication is a big burden for dance lesson and class providers that if automated would be of great benefit and worth a few bucks a month to have as a subscription service. I am a web technologist in my day job and the ease of web apps, mobile communication, and text messaging makes a lot of low hanging fruit to automate and ease this burden. I'm not here to make a bunch of money. I love my dance instructors and want to ease the burden of gacky admin so they can focus more on dance instuction which makes all of us happier.

Here are some features that are on my list:

For Dance Event/Lesson Providers
  • Visiblity of what people in your area or patrons of your favorite venue have subscribed to or expressed an interest in so you can offer a dance or event that you know there is demand for.
  • Ease of email communication and brochure creation and distribution.
  • Provide a (less noisy than facebook) "cult magnet" to facilitate the people who love (and are willing to purchase) what you offer to subscribe and attend your classes.

For Dance Event Attendees and Students
  • Making it (much) easier to reschedule lessons with your dance instructor.
  • Subscribing to specific dances, so when someone (anyone) is teaching a class you are interested in (at the level you want) you get a notification with details on who, where, etc so you can sign up.
  • Matching location, availability, and dance to find a partner who likes the same dance, and is willing to drive to the venue you want to have a partner to dance with.
  • Make it easier for performance teams to have a team space that doesn't rely on a uber geek member of the team to maintain and update step lists and rosters.

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